Clean up the web!

A reminder that you, as a developer, can make a difference on the Web simply by choosing not to perpetuate people farming on your own sites and apps.

#web #dev #ethics

@aral the Article sounded good, is has all the necessary Buzzwords about with and of course how to Support the Course, until I read at the end about . 😒

First you complain about BigDataCompanys and Systems against and after all this you seriously advice Patreon as a way to support. What a cruel Joke?

Why not something like or Alternative? 😉

@kranzkrone Read it again (and maybe even follow the link this time and see for yourself) :)


@aral ahhh, now i see the difference but I can swear I have seen Patreon instead of Patron, strange.

Seems to be this was my bad. 🙄

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