@Shawg1 so you want to share your Knowledge with others like you and invest together in order to gain even more Success in trading?

@Shawg1 sounds a bit like you're doing Day-Trading or similarly. 😉

@Shawg1 What is your average Best/Worst win rate per week & month? 😉

I know that with day trading so much is possible if done right, however, this is not for me.

This is better done by people who are willing to spend several hours in front of the PC every day.

If I give these people a few of my euros and pay a percentage of expense allowance for the correct management, then I am right. 😏


@Shawg1 the mentioed Commission of 20% from the Profits sounds a bit like what the big tech Companies have as fees for every Transaction. 😉

20% of 100% still sounds fair. 😏

Are you an registered (where?) Trader?

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